Let's Build Your Team!

If you're reading this you most likely are on a vendor hunt for your big day, and let's be honest there's a lot to think about when choosing the right people for you, especially your video and photo team which are very important. Throughout this blog post are tips and tricks on how to strategically build your team! I hope it helps!

The Expense/Budget

To begin the process I would start with brainstorming a budget and start to nail down a certain style that you are drawn to (we'll get into that later). When choosing a budget, I suggest nailing it down loosely and staying open minded because you may have some things to learn regarding how much photography or videography services run for in your area. This is totally understandable, after all, it is likely to be your first time doing this so how could you know?

It's easy to experience some apprehension regarding the investment you're about to make in your photog and videog. You might be wondering why so expensive? Learning what exactly you are paying for will help ease some of the tension. Some things to remember while shopping is that these vendors base their pricing off of their skill, time, expertise of their craft, music licensing, and other subscriptions that they take on to provide you with an easy breezy client experience. Your investment is going towards all of these things, not just a snap of a button.

Another thing to keep in mind when creating your budget is deciding whether you are going to hire locally, or if you are open to hiring vendors from outside your city or state? Lot's of photogs and videogs are up for traveling, but this means extra travels costs often apply that you may need to work into your budget. If you are still unsure on placing your budget ask those around you who have gotten married if they were comfortable with what they spent, and why or why not.

The Search

To discover the selection of vendors in your own city and the array of price ranges offered, look to Facebook groups, and other social media platforms. There are many wedding based Facebook groups specific to certain cities that feature recommendations from people who have gotten married and have loved who they booked. You can also search up specific hashtags that will guide you to these vendors. Try typing in "#", *your city*, and then the words "weddingphotographer" or "weddingvideographer". This will take you to categorized posts for specific vendors around you.

If you have already booked other vendors (dj, venue, florist, etc.) ask them for recommendations on trusted photogs/videogs that they have worked with in the past. It's likely they will refer very team oriented people that they had a pleasure of working with which is ideally what you want on your day. You want to seek out those that not only care about the service they provide but care about YOU; they should make you feel special, seen, and known! Once you narrow down your search and begin to reach out to people you should quickly be able to tell whether or not they are achieving these goals. If they are not, go find someone who does!! There are incredible people out their that can't wait to serve you on your wedding day.

The Personality

Personality is HUGE. You will be spending almost the entire, most memorable day of your life, with your photographer and videographer as your shadows, asking you to kiss in front of them like 10000 times! Make them people you would literally want to hang out with in your everyday life. You should be able to get a good feel of who you're booking by their website, and/or interactions with them through messaging or phone calls.

The Style

Style is so important. The style and vibe of you photog/videog's work is how your memories will be painted. Get familiar with multiple different styles of photography/videography that exist! Think about how different creator's work makes you feel, the colors, the light, the posing. Each of these things can contribute to the overall vibe of a photo or video. Do you find yourself being drawn to wedding videos that are deep and intimate, or light hearted and joyful? For example, do you like photos that have deeper in contrast, provoking boldness, depth, and strength, or photos that are lighter showing less shadows that provoke softness and light? If you aren't sure, continue looking around.

Technical Questions

Once you narrow down your search you may still be wondering, what technical question should I ask vendors other than pricing?

Here is a list of 5 technical questions that are very important to ask:

Are you experienced in multiple lighting situations?

The answer you are looking for is yes! You never know what the weather/light will be doing during your wedding day, and this plays a big part in how your photos/film will turn out!

How are my photos/videos stored and kept safe?

It is ideal that they store and backup your footage in a couple different places to ensure nothing gets lost!

Do you have a contract?

Contracts protect both parties ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding specific details on circumstances of the day and the work being done

What is the turn around time for when I get my photos delivered to me?

This varies between people but it's nice to know how long you will be waiting after your wedding day to see the final thing!

What's your favorite part about what you do?

This will help you gauge who you are booking. Most people love to talk about their passion behind their business, and it may inspire you more to work with them.

I hope this blog helps you build your team, and brings you the most spectacular vendors!

For more FAQs click the info page on the menu above, and as always feel free to reach out on the 'contact me' segment for any thoughts, questions, or concerns!