I do's, atv's, river chats, & good times!

July 29th, 2024 held the most 'Idaho summer' wedding I've ever seen and was lucky enough to be apart of. Stephanie and David chose to get married on their parent's land in the hot summer July sun in Gibbonsville Idaho. The property was beyond perfect for a wedding with a large open field, a log home, a pond, a treehouse edging the river, and a ridge over looking the property where lines of Rv's and tents were set up to camp during the night ahead. My favorite weddings are the ones I attend and can tell immediately tell that this day is SO THEM, and this was one of them. The decor and details were stunning, as Perfect Events Montana never fails especially when it comes to chic country weddings. Stephanie and David got ready and first greeted each other through the kitchen window. Next, them and I hopped on a four wheeler and a side by side to head to the river treehouse to capture some super cute photos. Guests began to arrive, and soon enough the ceremony took place. It was perfect, family lined up from bench to bench as the two sealed the deal. After their first kiss Stephanie let out a loud, "PLAY BALL" making everyone giggle as the couple exited the alter. The day followed with dinner, dancing, kids swimming in the river, signing their marriage license (which I got to be the witness of ), a dress alteration, and a hang out down by the river with drinks and dogs. It was dreamy to say the least. This couple was one of the most free spirited coupes I have ever met and embraced me like I was family while I captured their day. The bride and I trailed around barefoot at the venue taking photos with as many people as possible. It's weddings like this that make me so thankful that this is my job!!

Congratulations Stephanie and David.